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where cooking is a family affair
Time together cooking recipes with the kids was not only valuable to me, it was also the best part of my day.Everywhere you turn- the news, the media, there is a renewed interest to be back in the kitchen making healthy and creative meals for family and friends. Kids want to be a part of this fun. Learning through cooking encourages children to discover the joys of cooking while obtaining basic educational skills and culinary techniques.teach kids to follow recipes, measure and combine ingredients, promoting personal creativity. Instill health-conscious values in kids along with the confidence to experiment with their own creations.

Involve your children as much as you can in the cooking process.
Select age appropriate menu from Family Chefs many fun activities and delicious recipes.
Plan menuís with your children
I have over 30 years of cooking experience, I have worked in restaurants, catering and hospital foodservice. Now that I have a family I have adapted my cooking knowledge so the whole family can be a chef. My cooking style is simple, easy, delicious and nutritious.
  Family Chef Network will introduce
you and your children to the joy of
From a purely practical perspective, cooking is an activity that will not go to waste. Unlike trigonometry, there will never be a point in your childís life where they will claims that skill was a total waste. Family Chef will give you and your family a ideas to get the process started. While they may not understand now but cooking creates bonds between your children the their food. Suddenly they recognize that a cup of butter in a recipes or deep fried chicken is not the best choices.If you are looking to strengthen what they are learning school cooking with recipes is prefect. Cooking recipes is and activity that involves all different sections of their mind, they can practice new math stills, play a little scientist, get creative, and even do a little reading.
Showing your children how plan a menu it is good experience and still to learn. The ability to organize and plan can be applied to all aspects of life. Begin with making a list let every family member have a say. List meals and snacks for the entire week. Let each of them have one fun night where they get to pick the dinner and you help them prepare the recipe. Assemble your choices on a calendar and make sure you check for nutritional value it may take a few times before you get it.
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Print the menu and post it on the fridge. Use the menu to create a shopping list. Repeat the menu for several weeks so you can save money buying larger quantities. At the supermarket divide the list and let the children go off and get things you need.
. It will make the dinner much more fun for all of you. Allowing your children to cook meals can be a great way to get them to add new foods to their diet. There are so many benefits to having your children preparing food: math skills, understanding science, and important bonding time with you as the parent. Having them help you will give them a sense of pride and ownership in the food that they have created. This will hopefully get them interested in new food and maybe even enjoy being with the family. Family Chef Network would love your stories.
"A man should never neglect his family for business."
Walt Disney
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